You reveal all your secrets to a person who stands behind your
back with a sharp pair of scissors in hand. Someone you don’t
know, but who knows more about you than your own partner.
Someone who doesn’t have to look you in the eyes. Someone
who isn’t bound by professional secrecy. Don’t choose the
wrong stylist.
Nothing is the same at Stefano’s popular hair salon after Angelica starts working there. Jenny, who has long been pining
for Stefano, notices how he now blindly obeys Angelica’s
slightest hint. Soon, however, customers with some connection
to the salon start being found murdered. Accusations are
thrown back and forth among the three stylists, but the truth is
not revealed until it’s much too late.

BEHIND YOUR BACK is a psychological triangle drama that
plays out in Stockholm’s fashionable Östermalm neighborhood.
Wealth abounds here, but also falseness and rivalries.
And some have more reason than others to want certain people
out of the way.


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Sweden, Bookmark Förlag
Denmark, People's Press
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