Sixteen years have passed since a pregnant woman disappeared in Brantevik. The case has been closed for several years even though nobody actually knew what happened during that horrific summer week.
Sixteen years have passed since Agnes was kidnapped, locked up and forced to give birth to her baby boy in a dark cellar – right in the middle of the idyllic summer paradise Brantevik. The boy was taken from her at the same moment he took his first breaths. The police never managed to solve the mystery surrounding his whereabouts. Today Agnes is living a seemingly peaceful family life in Stockholm with her husband and their daughter Nicole who is eighteen. But what Agnes doesn’t know is that her husband is cheating on her and that Nicole has travelled to Brantevik to discover the truth about her brother. But there are other people connected to the case that have also returned to the small fishing village and once Nicole realises what she has gotten herself into, it’s already too late. Instead of you is the sequel to Week 36.


Sofie Sarenbrant has really caught me in his story about Agnes deserted by her language, and advise you that read "Week 36" to also read "Instead of you."


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