A wave of burglaries strikes the posh Stockholm suburb Bromma, and the criminals’ methods get all the more gruesome. When the murder of a teenage boy shakes up the entire area, Emma Sköld is called to take on the case. Was it a burglary that escalated to fatal violence?

Suspicions rise around the maid who found the dead body. Or is it the baltic guest worker who was arrested in the midst of a burglary attempt? Determined to solve the case, Emma Sköld takes matters in her own hands and puts herself and others in grave danger.

THE SCAPEGOAT can be appreciated both as a stand-alone and continuation of the Emma Sköld series. It is a contemporary thriller venturing into lies, secrets and revenge. How dire can the consequences be if you manipulate the truth?


Sålda rättigheter:

Sweden, Bookmark Förlag
Denmark, People's Press
Germany, Aufbau Verlag