When homicide detective Emma Sköld wakes up at the hospital, she has no idea what has happened. The last thing she remembers is leaving her four weeks old daughter with her boyfriend Kristoffer to go to the stable. Emma finds out that she has been in a coma for five months after a riding accident. While Emma was unconscious, Kristoffer’s ex-girlfriend Hillevi has taken the role as a substitute mother, a role she is not too keen on giving up. To keep an eye on Emma, Hillevi starts working at the hospital. As long as Emma is at the ICU the security is rigorous but when she is moved to ward 73 anyone can get close to her. Emma has a feeling that something is not right and she desperately tries to bring back memories from the accident. She gets more and more convinced that a crime has been committed and asks her colleague Nyllet to help her find out the truth. Why would anyone want to hurt her? And who is the unknown woman who keeps turning up in her dreams?

A smart and directly told story that you have to keep reading.
Magnus Utvik, Gomorron Sverige


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Sweden, Massolit
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